This I Believe

Jong - USA
Entered on July 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: setbacks, work

Living in the world sometimes makes us stressful especially when everything must wait. It may be because we, as human beings are bound to time. Most of time, it is not our friend. Thus, old saying teaches us that time of happiness is short, but time of agony seems perpetual.

I happened to begin by career as a wood scientist when I faced a harsh circumstance at the second year in college. Since then, I have been doing research in this area for more than fifteen years without a rewarding position. My situation becomes especially harder when I realize I have a grown-up son who enters college this year. I think I have been working hard and I deserve to have a decent permanent job. Unfortunately, I have not been able to solicit one until now. Looking around my surroundings, the competition is much less tougher than that in the other field like medical science or engineering. However, it does not mean I do not have any contender.