This I Believe

anton/trevor - HOutzdale, Pennsylvania
Entered on July 6, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

I believe love is everything. Love is the least understood but most powerful force in this universe. The average person experiences it as a fleeting psychological phenomena directed to or elicited by a specific person, place, or thing. This is the superficial understanding of love, its most accessible aspect. However, love is vastly more. So much more our logical mind cannot wrap itself around the concept holistically, instead we’ve to grapple with it from angles a little piece at a time. Love cannot be explained with words, but maybe with symbols and sounds. It’s the simple mystery, the origin and source of everything. Love is God. Love is both a physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena all at once. It’s the first miracle. Love is everywhere, pervades everything, even suffering. One only has to know how to access it which very few do for love can be felt only in a state of open or super consiousness.

Once one has tapped into the wellspring of love everything changes and one sees everything differently. The universe shrinks and can be contained within the mind. Time and space becomes obsolete and you feel immortality. It’s what the ancient philosophers all sought, what the prophets felt, and what the Buddihists call Nirvana. It’s the principle all the world’s great religions try to convey. It’s simple as felliing the sun rays kiss your skin on a summer day, or watching honey bees investigate flowers in the spring, or seeing a child being born.

Love removes all boundaries and deconsturcts all barriers. It erases separateness and with it all becomes one and one is all. With love there’s no hate, love absorbs it and quenches it like a volcano erupting into the ocean. If you want to see love look into the eyes of a child. Love is everything.

This I believe.