This I Believe

Stu - Dallas, Texas
Entered on July 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love, setbacks

I Still Believe in Love.

I’ve jumped the hurdle of L and fallen head over heals in LOVE. Sprinting down the trace from distance the hurdle doesn’t seem like an overwhelming task. However, in full stride, as I approached it, I realized that getting past the L wasn’t for the weak of heart. With hesitation, doubt and fear running through my head my pace didn’t falter. I was moved by a larger force, a bigger power, something unexplainable and the unstoppable feeling you only get when you know. I cleared the hurdle with room to spare and I didn’t look back as I set my eyes on the finish line. I’ve jumped over the hurdle of L.

I’ve fallen into the letter O and lost track of everything due to LOVE. I’ve unknowingly gone hours on end in conversation and willingly forgotten about all else on account of Love. It’s an incredible feeling to be completely committed to another person and constantly go round and round in the ring of love. The constant of ebb and flow of a relationship is an intoxicating feeling that ignores all else except those on the inside. I’ve fallen into the letter O.

I’ve seen the deepest, darkest valleys of the letter V in LOVE. When she told me what she did it all changed. Six years together shattered like a glass crashing down onto a tile floor. It all went into a million pieces that would never fit together again…no matter how much we wanted it back. I sunk so deep into the letter V that I could begin to see the walls cave in on either side. Self doubt and depression rule in the darkest parts of the letter V like an impenetrable haze. It was dark, times got rough, I lost hope and I lost faith. It’s enough to make you second guess yourself, your life and anything or everything you’ve believed in. I’ve been in the deepest darkest valleys of the letter V.

I’m starting to climb up the ladder that is the letter E in LOVE. The first rung in the ladder has been hanging above me for some time. I could see it dangling there, but only recently has it come into reach. I was hesitant at first, not sure if it was time or if I was ready but, I’ve taken the first step. I’ve pulled my self up on the first rung and I’m slowly, but surely, making my way up the ladder. I’m climbing up the letter of E and ahead of me I can see subsequent rungs on the ladder that will take me back to the place I belong. That place, is the place where I can still believe in Love.