This I Believe

Chad - Alpena, Michigan
Entered on July 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

We live in an archaic world, where Evolution and Intelligent design are still being debated. We humans with shallow foresight chaotically plunge into the unknown, and perilously await the repercussions for our poor decisions. I believe the general mentality of this day is for the most part brainwashed. We have forgotten our animalistic roots, and superimposed a facade of deity over them. Science is slowly peeling this facade, however we have such a long way to go. The primal rules have been forgotten, and the new laws have taken over. Most people nowadays live in a fantasy world of their own design. In a bubble unwilling to accept simple truths, and denying them with dogmatic absolution. I hope that one day people as a whole will set the truth free, and unite with tolerance of each others traditions, and perceptions of divinity.