This I Believe

Haleigh - Meriden, Kansas
Entered on June 29, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

“I Believe”

Adolescent years came around so fast, and when they did they brought several good times, and several bad times. Most of these good and bad times all came from making decisions. I remember all the choices and decisions that I had to make, and fear go to me many times. When you’re young you don’t always think things through like you should. Thank God I had a wonderful mom that helped me through this rough time.

My mother is and extraordinary woman. She works two jobs, and also helps out a lot on our family farm. Every single game, band concert, bad day, or anything else that I had or did, she was always there. All the good times and all the bad times she has been there with good advice, a congratulation, or a shoulder to cry on.

I believe in being true to yourself. My mother taught me since the first day of middle school that in order to be happy in life; you always have to be true to yourself. She told me that I was the only one that I had to live with for the rest of my life, and the decisions that I made would decide whether or not I would be happy. She was exactly right; I was faced with several predicaments’ that made me question every move that I made.

Everyday o middle school it felt like a new challenge. Girls would fight, boys would laugh, and people would just do horrible things, yet the teachers never seemed to catch them. I remember the boys making fun of girls for their clothes, or their hair, and girls making fun of other girls for their weight, or the way they looked. I kept my moms words in the back of my head everyday. The girls were so mean, and when I made a decision they didn’t like they would treat me terrible, but I know today that I made the right choices.

High school came around and it seemed like the decisions got a lot easier. People grew up and they didn’t care if you didn’t want to do what they were doing. But, the option of doing the things that my peers were doing was still there whether they were pressuring me or not. Now it was on to bigger things like drinking, drugs, and sex. People say peer pressure is bad, but I beg to differ. Your friends will be there no matter if you do what they like or not. If they aren’t your true friends they will disappear when they don’t like something you do. I knew my limits, and when I questioned them I heard my mom in my mind. Sometimes I pushed my limits, but with the help of my friends I managed to stay out of too much trouble. Thanks mom!

Two months ago I graduated, and I spent some special time with my mom (who is by the way my best friend), she asked me if I had any regrets about school, or all the years I had spent growing up. I gladly answered no. I always had your voice in my head telling me, “Live life to your fullest, no regrets, stay true to yourself”.

I believe in staying true to yourself and living life with no regrets. Whatever the situation may be, remember you’re stuck with it the rest of your life. If a once and lifetime chance comes along, take it and run with, don’t just set it aside. I was so lucky that I had a great leader, friend, and mother to help me learn this.