This I Believe

Carla - Palm Bay, Florida
Entered on June 28, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, love

Memories are the sparks that ignite feelings of the past. When that spark ignites a happy thought, we smile. So why then, are we expected to feel no pain from our past injustices, when the flame of discontent reignites them?

It’s important where bad memories are concerned, to move on. But, aren’t we obliged to work through the pain before we can leave the past in the past? I believe we are.

That bodes the questions, why do good marriage fail? Why do husbands and wives stray when they have partners who adore them, who love them not only with their souls, but with their bodies as well? Is ther something more to love; more to loving, than simply going through the motions, acting the part and paying lip service?

When we entrust our lives to another, and they to us, don’t we have the obligation to live up to our promises and live each day according to the vowes we take?

And, how do we properly teach our children not only the simple courtesies of life such as kindness and compassion, but also the importance of honor if we do not practice these qualities ourselves? Do we not disrespect them when we fail to live up to the vows we took as partners in life?

Before we make these promises to one another, shouldn’t we meet our own challenges and conquer them before we agree to take another’s fragile, tender and vulnerable life into our own? How do we measure up to the people who need us most, our children, when we fail to measure up to ourselves?

How can we love each other if we haven’t learned to love ourselves first? How can we promise to love one another only to break the promise and in effect the vows we took? The answer lies within us.

The sparks of our memories need to be reignited and the flame that is our pain needs to burn before it turns to ash. Out of the ash comes love. This I believe.