This I Believe

Mia - Charlottesville, Virginia
Entered on June 28, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This much I know:

I have faith that I am part of something much greater than myself that somehow unifies all life.

I know that in order to live a life that is in a right relationship with all life, I must be as generous as I am able to be with others, with myself and in appreciation of all life. I must give of myself freely, love as much as possible, and surrender my will to a greater purpose. There seems no reward in living simply for my own gratification (there is an unbearable sadness in this thought, a hollowing inside). When I am in harmony with my environment, and am in the right relationship to pursue my goals, these virtues come as if effortless – free giving, gratitude, love, surrender (note – surrender is very different from self deprecation)

I believe it is for me to engage myself in the pursuit of truth that I may be able to learn how best to work towards this greater purpose.

At this point I know that self-acceptance, gratitude, support of what is generous within others, nurturing the life force within myself (creative expression, study, contemplation), and seeking ways to bring greater harmony into the world that immediately surrounds me are ways that I can work towards this greater purpose.

This much I know.