This I Believe

Charlu - Richmond, Texas
Entered on June 27, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in the comfort of horses. I am an older woman who has been fortunate to have owned at least one horse since I graduated from highschool. Many of my horselovng friends have not been so fortunate. Fieldmouse was a graduation gift, who became a lifetime friend. Mouse had a shoulder to lean on when I heard of my Father’s death over the radio waves. In his long life he taught both my boys to ride and to love a good horse. His death proved devastating, and I learned that animals mourn when I watched “his” mare, Surene, stand on his grave & cry. When a dark, young horse stepped out of the trailer, Surene knew Mouse was back. She ran, screaming to greet him. When Storm proved not to be her old friend, Surene turned walked away. Storm’s arrival has helped both Surene and myself move past our grief. His young shoulders have proved to strong enough for both of us to lean on. Surene has developed a trust in Storm. I know Fieldmouse is walking beside us as I ride Storm across the field. My sons have both come home from college to ride the young horse, so they can cope with some of life’s choices. My oldest son, William, is on his way to Iraq soon, as a young officer. He has asked to go for a ride before he goes. Horses are his comfort.