This I Believe

Maureen - Bethesda, Maryland
Entered on June 26, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of the Poochie

When my brother was four years old, he recalled a memory by starting, “When I was Poochie…” but the end of the sentence is forever lost because we could not get past the fact that he believed that he was a different person. He thought that when he was younger, his name was Poochie, and I am too cruel to ever let him live that down. I mean, what kind of name is Poochie; dogs are not even named Poochie.

My four-year old brother was recalling a memory from long ago, when he was a baby or a toddler and the world seemed different to him; he believed he was a different person. Perhaps all of those Discovery Channel TV shows had crept their way into my brother’s brain and he believed that people went through metamorphosis just like caterpillars, “Before I turn into a butterfly, I am Poochie”. Or, maybe Poochie was a superhero that he played in his imagination. Although, these are all speculations, one thing is certain; my brother intently believed that he was Poochie.

My brother does not remember the day he revealed the Poochie, and to tell the truth, neither do I, but it has become a family legend. It remains a mystery as to how my brother’s concept of his alternate personality, or Poochiness, came about. No one, to my knowledge ever called him Poochie or mentioned the enthused name to him. Poochie is a pure thought, a name that reflects the heart. A fragment of his originality…and he still has this ten years later.

In a way, I am jealous of my brother’s Poochiness. My grandma says that she has never seen any other child do what he did, and in my mind, that’s what “Poochie” stands for: an innocent thought that the world has never heard before. And that’s what I believe in: in the power of the Poochie—the ability to be a complete individual. But it is above that too: in order to be one with the Poochie, one has to share their individuality; to add to the mélange of people of the world and not just a number in a pie chart. Do not be a band geek, be a Poochie.

I believe that I can follow my brother’s initiative, let loose and release my inner Poochie to show the world who I really am and where I am coming from.