This I Believe

Dennis - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on June 22, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


This I believe. I believe the Old Testament is history, important history but history none the less. I believe as Bob Dylan, “the times they are a changin”‘ and the only constant in life is evolution. I believe as Mark Twain that if you always do right it will gratify some and astonish the rest. I believe that figuring out what is right is difficult for some and next to impossible for others. I believe we have to have guidelines to act by. My guideline is the “Golden Rule”. The Ten Commandments can be too easily rationaized away. I believe that true evil exists but it is less of an influence when you care about something or someone besides yourself. I believe as Don Williams, the country singer, “that heaven doesn’t wait for only those who congregate”. I believe that poverty of spirit is worse than poverty of means. I believe that not all problems can be solved by scientific studies, policy committees or people with degrees. I believe in the “teachable moment” and the validation of self through others. I believe when you walk in the footsteps of others those teachable moments will inspire and provide perspective and enlightenment. I believe if you are not outraged by something you are complacent and not paying attention. This I believe. Age does not give wisdom, it only givers perspective. I believe that as your perspective widens, fear shrinks, knowledge grows and wellness of body and spirit will ensue. I believe the road to wellness has many forks and HIV is but one. I believe that HIV is a disease of the body not a testament to a person’s being. Most of all, I believe as Robert Frost that “taking the road less traveled” WILL make all the difference. These things I believe because they are right, just, and merciful. Working at Matthew 25 AIDS Clinic has widened my perspective. Treating, teaching and supporting those infected with and affected by the virus is a daily affirmation of our unique diversity. This I believe.