This I Believe

Susan - Norwich, Connecticut
Entered on June 21, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe

As I’m driving to work along a semi-rural area of I-95, I notice a raccoon carcass lying to the side of the road. A car had obviously hit the animal in the early morning hours. I feel a bit of sadness when I see these dead animals along the roadside. Not necessarily because their life ended due to vehicular homicide, but because it causes me to ponder the question, “Can technology and environmental responsibility coexist peacefully?”

When I lived in South Florida, the city in which I lived had formerly been part of the Everglades. Animals who had acclimated to the new development were referred to as “urban”. They were considered pests in spite of the fact that we humans had taken away their habitats.

The media seems to be focusing more on what we are creating and destroying in our environment. Some people are becoming more concerned with global warming. Others are even doing something about it.

I hear some talk about preserving the wetlands in Louisiana, but even the Supreme Court did not have the conviction to ultimately want to protect the environment.

Does anyone care about the pesticides farms are dumping into the waterways, other than people who are drinking the water?

Does anyone care what elimination of the rain forests means or what happens to the balance of the ecosystem as animals become extinct due to environmental waste or destruction of their habitats?

I reflect on a past reading of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I am not anti-technology, but I feel we have the power to control the direction of technology. We can create technology that is environmentally sound.

When will we collectively care about what we are doing to ourselves and more importantly future generations? When will we trade convenience for a better environment for our grandchildren?

So as I look over to the raccoon that didn’t make it across the road, I wonder does anyone else see it? Does anyone else understand what it means?

We can make a difference if that’s what we decide. This I believe.