This I Believe

Randall - Oroville, California
Entered on June 20, 2006
Age Group: 65+

I BELIEVE I believe that revealed religion has played a leading role in bringing human society to it’s present state of development, but that religious radicalism has become a threat to society. I believe that God gave humans the power of reason and expects us to use that power to insure the survival of humankind through all of the natural catastrophes that creation is heir to. I believe that God communicates with mankind through creation and scientists are the ultimate interpreters of God’s word. All natural laws discovered by scientists are subject to examination by others. Therefore it is impossible to falsify any law of nature without detection. I believe that humans are the living species which God intends to populate the universe and care for all of God’s creation. For that purpose, we are obliged to accelerate our knowledge of God’s word–creation itself. I believe the Golden Rule is the key to solving all social problems and, if properly applied, will end the bloodshed and suffering of wars among us. By practicing that rule, the best in every culture can be appreciated, for the benefit of all humanity. I believe this life is more precious than any probable life hereafter. This is the only life of which we can be certain. Concentration on an after life has a retarding influence on human progress. We must start thinking in terms of all humanity, because, to continue to think only within the confines of our own racial, social, or religious group is inadequate to meet the challenges of the future. I believe that the Human race has matured to the extent that it is now in the throes of assuming responsibility for itself. We can no longer neglect one another’s needs and expect God to rescue us from our mistakes. We now have the power to do incredible good or harm in the world. We are growing up! I believe that God is the Creator and that creation is the word of God!