This I Believe

Scott - Ashland, Kentucky
Entered on June 20, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: peace

I believe in a way to peace. This idea was around long before my time, before my parents were even born. This ideal had been best represented in our time by one Mohandas Gandhi, a man who struggled against tyranny, the doubt of millions, and threats of death; yet still won, even though he lost his life. Because of this man, I believe that the human race still has the capability to set aside their anger; to look their fellow in the eyes and see a person; to not act out in hatred but in love. I believe that man can still find the way to peace, and can create a world where violence and murder are only heard of in history books. But I know this ideal world I have just mentioned will never exist. Humans will never be able to do this. For all the good in us, we will still do terrible and horrendous things. There will always be divisions and hatred. But, just because I know this is impossible doesn’t mean I believe it’s impossible. The knowledge of something is based on cold hard facts and logic. To believe in something is entirely different. Belief does not rely on rules or plausibility. Belief transcends these and spurs us on to greater heights. Belief is the hope, the dream, the blind faith of a man, and maybe just a little bit of absurdity and impossibility. Belief resides deeper than the mind goes, and guides a persons actions in their life. A truly strong belief can never be defeated, and the soul that takes shelter inside of it cannot be broken. Belief drives men to do great things even when the logical world says no, and is what gives them their strength when all falls apart. Gandhi heard the voices of dissent that said that his idea would fail, that blow must be matched for blow, that the only way to win is to strike back and cripple your opponent. But he believed in peace, and ultimately triumphed. Belief is what gives man his spirit, belief gives him his hope. And because of this belief, I work to bring about this peaceful world in my own actions. I smile at the lady behind the cash register after purchasing a meal. I try to help others to the best of my ability. I try to comfort someone if they hurt. I try not to harm my fellows. And yet I am just as flawed as the rest of the world. I wrong others, I hate, and I discriminate. But I hold onto that belief that I can change, that others and I can bring about a peaceful world. And even when my mind says no, I look to my belief and struggle on.