This I Believe

Anna - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on June 20, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of Thought. When I was a little girl, around 7, my mother was finishing college. She had been nursing for years, but was going back to get her bachelor’s degree. Because she had no one to watch my sister and I, she would take us along and let us play in the courtyard while she was in class. One day she said to us, “if you look at that tree long enough, and you believe, you really believe, you can turn it into an elephant.” That fascinated us. I think for the rest of mom’s schooling, my sister and I spent hours looking at the tree and closing our eyes, picturing the elephant we so badly wanted to see. Little did we know that my mother’s way of keeping us entertained would continue as a way of life in our family. My parents have always believed in and practiced the power of thought. In my own youth, knowing that I am unable to completely grasp the concept, I have almost played with the idea. And I can tell you it works. It really works. I have used my thoughts to manifest actions, therefore my reality. For example, I never thought I could sing. Someone probably laughed at me once while I was singing, and from there on , I just thought I had a terrible voice. A couple of years ago, I started consciously deciding that I could sing. I didn’t take voice lessons, I just started believing that I could. Now I’m singing in a band. Performing in front of people and recording my voice. Doing something that I had figured literally impossible. I have also used this energy of thought in negative ways. Just by thinking that I may not succeed in college, I’ve managed to put going back off for 6 years. Just by thinking that I couldn’t tell people the truth, I caused mountains of destruction and pain for myself and my family. And just by thinking that maybe I was salvable, I have completely changed my life. In all honestly, this power of thought terrifies me. When I think negatively about someone I’m angry with and they happen to come across misfortune, my stomach churns at the idea that I may have put that energy out there.

I hope to continue and refine this practice as I grow older and have more experiences. I watch my parents use the power of thought to grow successful businesses and even to ward off sickness. To be honest, I thought it all sounded a little crazy at first, but once I realized that a conscious thought is nothing but energy, I saw that it was just science. I am now learning that my mother gave me a huge gift that day in her college courtyard. The gift of learning that not only my actions, but my thoughts can affect anything and anyone. That by practicing faith in action, I can manifest my own being. My own life. And that I can learn to accept the events that are out of my control. I am forever grateful for this. And I will, someday yet, turn that tree into an elephant. Even if just to show my sister that I can.