This I Believe

Lloyd-Nixie - San Mateo, California
Entered on June 19, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

A Gift for all

After a selfish experience in the past and encountering a realization, I now instinctively try to find a couple of counteractive things to not necessarily ruin a happy moment of mine, but moreover change it for the sake of the disadvantage, the unhappy. I’ve felt the feeling of attaining a moment of peace in a world of war. I’ve learned that it’s about giving, sharing and receiving a profound sensation in return. I found to believe that I will never be happy if I don’t make others happy.

Last Christmas eve, I had gone to downtown with my little brother to buy a couple of Christmas cards for a couple of friends. The night was breezy and I remembered huddling as tight as I can under my coat and elongated scarf. During my walk to the store, I smiled to the images of my relatives and friends opening their gifts, their faces lighting up, their laughter. Soon, I had neared the store and saw the homeless woman that I’ve seen for the majority of my life meandering around the sidewalks with a shopping cart filled with a pile of ragged clothes and empty soda cans. She was sitting down on the ground against the wall of the store, her full and rusty cart right in front of her, as if to block the wind from blowing into her face. One glance in her eyes was all I needed to see. I didn’t want to stare, so I kept my head down and continued my general direction. After my time in the store, I came out with the Christmas cards and also a little gift bag with some snacks and a water bottle. The gift bag was for the woman sitting against the wall. The woman who had no home, who I never seen beg for money, for anything from anyone. I gave her the gift and wished her a Merry Christmas. That moment, I could never forget the _expression in her eyes. They smiled at mine and I could see her eyes watering up. She then almost aversely but politely said, “Thank you…Merry Christmas to you too.” My body then sank down a bit but inside, I felt energized—I felt content with what I experienced. From then on, we still see each other in downtown, acknowledging each other with a smile in our eyes.

It’s these moments that capture the soul of humanity, the significance of one’s emotions affecting another’s. Though there will always be downfalls in our lives, I say that my life, would never have stayed together if no one had ever shared that sort of connection, that happiness with me. Hence, I’d say that I am happy and because I think happiness is something to build on rather than to think upon, I keep on going. It’s out there; things like that actually exist. And I leave myself in these quandaries: When will others stop crying for themselves and start crying for others? When will people take a step to appease their strong desires in order to appease others? It’s not about pity; it’s simply sharing happiness. Indeed, I believe that in order for people to be happy, they must make themselves happy first. And therefore, I believe that I will continue to be happy as long as I continue to make them happy.