This I Believe

Georg - 48640, Michigan
Entered on June 19, 2006
Age Group: 65+
Themes: question

In my youth I followed the belief of my mother.

When I turned 23 years old, I enjoyed my “freedom”, however, I began to long for a reality in my existence. Is there a “Creator?”

I began to study; I learned that SOME THING COULDN’T COME FROM NOTHING. Therefore, at the beginning of time, a mind of perfect knowledge would have created the universe, the earth with its plants, animals and humans. There is love and beauty in His creation. I compared a leaf from a plant with a manmade leaf. The natural leaf radiates beauty. The natural leaf also nourishes the tree or plant and it supplies us with pure air!

All the main religions speak of God to be the creator of heaven and earth.

A lady missionary told me, that she had spent several months with Bushmen in Africa teaching them Christianity. She left when she saw that the Bushmen believe in God and worship Him.

I selected the New Testament, its essence is love, and it is an instruction book for life, like there are instruction books for cars, Jet planes and the law. The teachings of Jesus give me an inner security and happiness. I found my belief.

Oops! Here I am back to what my mother taught me!