This I Believe

Jen - Moorhead, Minnesota
Entered on June 19, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death

So, more than 2 months ago, my good friend Nissa and I were having an angst-ridden conversation, as teenage girls are wont to have, when all of a sudden, I made the statement that I was not afraid to die. She immediately jumped on this in turn pointing out that EVERYONE is afraid of dying. After a few heated minutes of debate, we let the topic drop, never to be resolved. But, I have been thinking about this daily since that chat, and this is the conclusion I have arrived at — and the argument I will use the next time such an occasion arises. I read a rather depressing quote once and it went something like this: Once we are born, we begin to die. If you think about this, it is true. Thus, to fear dying is to be afraid of at least one thing every day of your life that you are conscious of the passage of time. There are many things that I am afraid of, but I refuse to be afraid of the one inevitable thing that I can neither control nor change. I will end the argument stating that as long as someone remembers all of me — the good, the bad and the occasionally ugly — that I cannot fear death, for I will never truly die.