This I Believe

Sasha - Renton, Washington
Entered on June 16, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Everything happens for a reason. People go through life discouraged because of what’s going on in that particular moment. They never look at life by how great it really is. There is a reason that things in your life are going the way they are. Even if you don’t know where life is heading it’s going to make it to the direction you want to be going. You can be headed in the wrong direction sometimes but that’s still taking you somewhere. A mother at 15 for example would not be the greatest situation to be in. If that’s where life takes you then you have to make the best of it and find the reason why it had to be.

Being a mother at 15 is not what every high school student’s wish for. This girl had the option of abortion or keeping the child. She decided to be a mother at 15 and keep the child. She then left her parents and went on her own with her new born baby girl. At 17 she realized she was not able to take care of her daughter and decided to give her up for adoption. For most mother this would be a very hard to do. She knew that her daughter would have a better life with a different family. So she gave up her rights as the child’s mother for her daughters benefit. Her daughter was now almost 2 years old when put into an adoption agency by the state. Being placed into a foster home where she waited for a family. This child was one that would not attach to anyone easily. Shortly after she was placed in that foster home a family came to see her. She became attached to the father very quickly, which is very unusual for the little girl. The foster mother new from how the little girl acted, this was the family. The little girl was adopted shortly after. The little girl had finally found what she was waiting for, a new mom, dad, sister and brother that she would from then on call her own family.

My mom gave me up for adoption so I could have a family that loves me and to be where I am now. Without that I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. Through bad times comes good times. I will never see or get to meet the mother that changed my life by giving me up for adoption, but I will always believe everything happens for a reason.