This I Believe

thomas - salt lake city, Utah
Entered on June 15, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe

I believe that any one can do anything if they put their mind to it. I grew up (most I can remember) in Arkansas, so I would have never thought I could be a skier. So when I moved to Utah and all my friends could ski. Since they all started when they were very young (like 3 or 4) I didn’t think I could catch up.

I believe that you can learn anything you want. When I was in third grade I started taking ski lessons. I went to level one, skipped two, three, skipped four and I never went to level five. In fourth grade I was skiing on my own sticking to the greens and some easier blue runs. And then I heard about a program at my school where I could not only learn to ski but also have the thrill of ski racing.

I believe that all activities test every inch of your body. I joined the program, called Rowmark, in fifth grade. I wasn’t very good at racing but I kept to it. Finally I was good enough, in the middle of fifth, to test my self on the black diamonds. On Rowmark we would be tested every single day on our strength and mental abilities. We would do endless muscle work on our core and legs; the core is the most important if you want to be a good skier. In seventh grade I decided it was the last year I would be on Rowmark. During seventh grade it was my second year of south series, one step before the junior Olympics. I was doing really well, then the year was over and my ski racing went with it. I guess it wasn’t my destiny, one thing I don’t believe in.