This I Believe

Willis - Piedmont, California
Entered on June 14, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in a thing called time. Time comes and goes but never returns. If time is so limited, why do we stay angry with each other over the smallest things? Time works against us. On average, we only get to live up to the age of eighty so we should spend whatever time we have with our families. When we devote ourselves to making money, some of us lose track of our priorities. We get crazy for money and forget about our families and social life. We force ourselves to work so hard to making more money, than we actually need. The, we come home, tired, so we just eat our dinners and go to our rooms to watch some TV and sleep. When we are living a lifestyle like that, our children can wonder where their parents are all the time and what they are doing. Some of us are just trying to provide a good life for our families, but how good can you life get when you have parents that don’t spend a lot of time with you? When you want to go see a movie with your dad and he gives you a hundred bucks to go by yourself or with friends instead because he’s busy, it is not that same. For my birthdays when I was young, my father would always be busy with work or he would always forget because he was maybe too tired. He would always be quick to give me a lot of money and make it up and I was always quick to accept it. I just thought of it as getting a bigger allowance. Now that I work, I realize that I would rather spend time with my father, than take any sum of money instead. A time with their father is worth more than just a hundred bucks. When we become parents, we should look into spending more time with the family. That’s what I’m going to do. Time is limited and time comes and goes but never returns.