This I Believe

Emily - Duvall, Washington
Entered on June 14, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature


I believe that nature’s goodness is really superb for you. Nature created a lot of excellent things out there like people, food, plants, animals, and the world is full of them, you just have to take a look.

When I catch a bad cold I get medicine, and one day I thought to look and see what it was made of but I couldn’t find the ingredients list so I took a guess. I guessed that it was made of herbs and nature. Well I thought, why do I get better when I take it? I thought that it was because that the nature was helping my body to heal.

When I bite into a fruit I normally like the taste (with some exceptions). Take a peach for instance. I thought that for sure I would hate them but after tasting it I ate a lot more than I was expecting! When my mom buys some at the store I eat a lot of them in the first hour of seeing them (3 or 4 depending on how may my Mom buys). The pit is the start of a cycle and it starts a new cycle and renews the old one! In the cycle the seed is the Mom and the Mom gives birth to a family that creates new Moms and continues for ever! Why? Because it is the cycle of nature.

Vegetables are a food group overlooked by most kids as a proper food group. Even if you like the taste it is still like fruit and is nature. People thought that a tomato was a vegetable but it is a fruit. Deep fried foods are one of the worst foods you can eat. They are fried in fat and fat alone! Even a deep fried peach (YUCK) would make you put on at least 2 lbs (I think)!

These are the reasons why I like fruit. These are the reasons why I eat fruit. These are the reasons why I believe that nature’s goodness is really good.