This I Believe

Miles - Duvall, Washington
Entered on June 14, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

The Coworker of Positive Thinking

Ever since I was a toddler, my parents would tell me that I had to keep trying. I would get discouraged, saying that I couldn’t do it. But whenever I look back on any of those things that I would really need to practice for, I don’t remember the negative parts. I remember the positive. When I complete an activity that takes weeks, maybe even months of practice, I feel special, on top of the world!

Perseverance makes us happy because we realize that we can leave an impact on someone’s life – be it your own or someone else’s. Feeling like we can make a difference empowers us. Self confidence is the result of mainly two things, strong will, and completion of something; making yourself think that you can change. Perseverance is the coworker of positive thinking; it makes you happy when you are finished.

What would the world be without completion? Without making things better? Without trying again? Most likely it would be a heap of rubble and a miserable one at that. With perseverance we can do anything we like; we can play instruments, give presentations, or play sports. I hate presentations and always have. Maybe I always will too, but that doesn’t stop me from doing them, and doing a good job. Once it’s done, I feel unbelievably happy. By trying to be the best we can be, we make a few errors, learn from them, and improve.

This year there were P.E. challenges in the mornings, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They lasted for about three months and there were six challenges every week. One of the challenges was that you had to hit a birdie back and forth over the net thirty times consecutively. I was there every Tuesday, trying to beat it, every single time. Finally, I just got frustrated with it. Only five people total had beaten that challenge, and they were all fifth graders. So I really wanted to be the first fourth grader to beat all of the challenges. On the last day, our P.E. teacher extended that badminton challenge for three more days. I finally beat it, on the last day, in the last four minutes.

It is that rush of pleasure, feeling like you want to hug yourself over and over that is the reward of perseverance. I stuck with the challenge. I got better at badminton and finally passed.

Perseverance is the coworker of positive thinking, this I believe.