This I Believe

Anon - Anahiem, California
Entered on June 14, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: freedom

I believe I’m willing to die for freedom. Freedom is defined as making choices without external constraints. Freedom is the greatest noun in the entire history of civilization. The freedom to make choices about everything is essential to being human because it builds a true soul. Freedom is why some people live while others die without ever living. In my last two years of high school, I was allowed to mature because of certain choices I was allowed to make in order to live my own life. When it came time for my future to be decided upon, I decided that one of my options for my future would be serving my country because although its system is not perfect, it is the biggest and best working model in the world’s history. The reason I’ve been afforded more freedom than most in the world is because I live in America. It is the best country in the world because of its basic guarantee. The first amendment of the Constitution guarantees the freedom of speech, press, religion, right to petition government, and to peacefully assemble. The fourteenth amendment adds some more freedoms and protects the fundamental freedoms. These freedoms are essential to guaranteeing all people a life in which they can and have the information to make choices to do what they wish as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the freedom of others to do the same. Freedom is something I’m willing to die for because I truly believe allowance of freedom is needed in order for lives to be lived. It is the only reason that can drive me to join an army to liberate others in the world if they choose freedom. If they don’t believe in freedom, then they simply have the freedom to reject the significant experience for themselves, but I will allow my breath to be taken away forever in the defense of it for others and myself who believe so deeply in it. Freedom is something that atones for all the evilness that people succumb to and is worth the greatest of all prices on Earth: blood, warfare and perhaps the future.