This I Believe

Raquel - Buda Tx 78610, Texas
Entered on June 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have meaningful relationships with family and friends and learn something new from them each and every day…

Family and friends mean a lot to me. I love my family dearly and I’ve grown to love my friends as we share things together and are there for one another. I have two of the best parents in the world and the best two brothers anyone can ask for. I also have aunts, uncles, and cousins that you just cant help to love. I have a big family and love each and every one of them to that fullest. With a family as crazy as mine you can’t help but learn something new each and every day. They have all taught me very valuable things but the person that has taught me something that I’ve truly taken to heart is my dad. He’s an extremely patient person with everything that he does. When something bad happens the way he sees it is God planned it and you can’t override him, so just deal with it. He says, “ Be patient with all that you do and everything will fall into place as God has planned.” He truly believes that God works in mysterious ways and that’s the ways he’s raised me.

As a child I really didn’t care. When he would tell me things like that, I would just say, “Okay” and go back to play. Now that I’m older I truly believe what he says is right even when I don’t agree with what God has planned. Recently, I have experienced something that has encouraged me to believe this even more. I just took the TAKS test, a test that I need to graduate. While studying for this test I worked hard on learning lots of information. After I took it, while waiting for my results, I noticed that I was rushing through my regular school work and not attending the meetings that I had set up with the career counselor at my school to look into a better future for myself. I now got the results back and I didn’t pass my social studies test. It was so devastating for me that I wouldn’t be graduating with my class but I see now that I have much more time to focus on my work. I’m now turning in much better work and showing what I can really accomplish. As for planning my future, I have set up many meetings with my school counselor and have attended some also. I am now looking into becoming a registered nurse.

I now know God does things for a reason. I use this belief of my dad’s and now mine each and every day. I’m patient with what I do and my dad tells me that I’ll live a longer, healthier life.