This I Believe

Justin - Westport, Connecticut
Entered on June 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

No Rich Child Left Behind

I believe that the United States has to deal with a colossal conflict because while it preaches the ideas of Horace Mann to the public, those people in power must debate whether to follow exactly what Mann said or to implement much different schemes into public education in order to uphold Capitalism and their position of power of within that system.

I find myself in a very similar conflict because while I consider myself compassionate, I am a product of Capitalism in a very comfortable situation. I’m sad to hear of starving people and very distressed at the amount of people that are starving. At the same time, I would never dare to trade places with them. I’ve been lucky enough to be put in my position in life and it wouldn’t want to be taken out of it. The problem lies in that the United States has been designed in such a way that if everyone were educated in evenly, like Horace Mann proposed, the economy would be thrown off. The newly educated lower class would rise in social status and gain money while the wealthy would have to take some losses to balance the economy. Because the wealthy are generally the ones in power, their loss of wealth would result in a loss of power. Because of their greediness, or perhaps just human nature, those in power simply do not allow the poor to gain enough education or wealth to take away from the wealthy.

The great controversy comes from within the government where the leaders are wealthy but they have been elected to represent “the people”, most of which are from the lower class. For this purpose they preach and put on their facade of “No Child Left Behind” while the progress being made is extremely limited and inadequate for those in poverty. But ask yourself, if you had that power what would you do? Would you give it all up for an idea or would you bask in your life of power and luxury? Ask yourself.