This I Believe

Tim - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 13, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I live in the suburbs of southeastern Pennsylvania. In my yard are two clusters of trees, a lot of wild shrubbery and more trees running along the side. As far as plant life and wild life go, my community is a happy medium between the heavily industrialized Philadelphia areas and the densely wooded regions of the Appalachian Mountains.

When I look out of my window the simple beauty of nature enthralls me. I see nearly every conceivable shade of green and, depending upon the season, a nice variety of reds and yellows. The shapes the trees make against the skyline are each unique and could never be duplicated. This is just looking out of my window. If you can imagine being in the Amazon Rainforest you would see that there are many, many colors made by nature and plant life. The designs of the different flowers and leaves, I imagine, would be beyond belief. There is no color that we have artificially produced that didn’t first occur naturally, and there are very few things as complex as the delicate intricacies that nature creates, i.e. spider webs. Now imagine you are in Oregon at Silver Falls State Park. There are trees making a canopy over a narrow, rocky stream as it approaches a 20-foot cliff. Vines are hanging to the side of the waterfall and at the bottom water splashes up from a small pool. This is the ultimate in beauty. There is beauty in nature whether you live in a suburban town, a rainforest, or a desert.

There is something incredibly majestic about the towering size of trees. When I look out of my window I see that the tops of the trees are well above the roof of my house, which is two stories high. They are living things and yet there are some that are over 100 feet tall. These are things that defy gravity without putting forth any effort.

I believe in a respect for nature. If you really take a look at the nature around you, without having any pretentious ideas about man being superior to everything else, then you can fully grasp the beauty of nature. When I look out my window I see that everything man accomplishes with struggle and agony, nature does so effortlessly. If we all respect nature a little more, then maybe we will learn a little about life from it.