This I Believe

Patricia - Rome, New York
Entered on June 13, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: immigrant

Every now and then we all have moments that cause us to cry, “Eureka!” Mine came this past Friday evening while I was watching a video. The movie was The Legend of Zorro, and the story begins with the citizens of a town voting on whether or not to make California a part of the United States. The Eureka! moment came when I realized that this might be a viable solution to the current immigration dilemma.

If the people of Mexico would vote to become part of the United States, several problems would immediately be resolved. We could open the border and allow people the freedom to cross at will.

We could institute all the rights and protections now afforded current citizens, while American businesses would have free reign to expand into the new territory to incorporate the additional resources. The US could send health care providers, the transportation industry, the housing industry, the agricultural department, the EPA, our labor unions, et cetera. We could remake the entire country to give current immigrants a reason to stay in their own communities with their families. We could even keep the political status quo and ask Vicente Fox to be the current governor (appointed rather than elected for the first term).

Think of the possibilities!