This I Believe

Nicholas - Piedmont, California
Entered on June 13, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

At least once in our lives, everyone one of us will look up at the sky on a starry night, and find our minds drifting in the expanse of outer space. We will ask questions that no one can answer: Does the universe end? And if it does, what is beyond it? When did time start? Will it ever end? Do aliens exist? But these thoughts will end quickly, and we will back to our day-to-day lives, focused on minute details such as matching clothes or preparing dinner.

I believe in the universe. I believe in its endless boundaries and infinite possibilities. I am captivated when I think about the universe, to know that I am part of something so vast. I feel a renewed energy for life. I feel driven to explore the unknown, answer questions that have no answer, and find meaning for my existence in the incomprehensible extent of the universe.

Some may feel afraid when thinking of the unknown, the universe. I admit that I feel the same way. This fear is not something to feel contrite about. As a human race, we feel the desire to conquer our fears. It is our fear of the unknown that drives us to pursue it, answer questions about it, and eventually conquer it.

In going to university and studying aerospace engineering, I hope to further expand my knowledge of what is out there. I hope to prepare for a future where we will need to look beyond our planet for energy and means of survival. I hope to join this quest of the unknown.

So the next time you sit alone at night, take a look up at the sky and wonder what life would be like without the universe.