This I Believe

paulina - CA, California
Entered on June 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe people can change for the better. I know I haven’t been alive for very long but during my whole fifteen years of living I have really met a lot of different people. Some people have been nice, some mean, some good, and some bad.

Most of the people I know who were mean or bad changed their ways and became nice and good. For example, my dad he was sent to prison after doing bad things, and from what I was told he wasn’t a very nice person, I could not judge for myself because I did not know him, he was sent away when I was about four until I was fourteen. When I did finally meet him he seemed really nice, even my mom said he seemed nicer.

So I do believe people can change for the better. I do not however believe everyone can change, some people will be mean and behave bad for the rest of their lives, and that’s because they do not want to change, and you can only change if you want to because it has to be your choice. In my opinion I would rather be around nice and good happy people. Instead of mean bad people because it can eventually affect me, and I can end up being influenced into being mean or bad and that’s just not me.

In conclusion I do believe people really can change for the better, but you have to be the one who wants to change and always make sure its for better and not worse, and then you can be happy because you will feel better.