This I Believe

Deborah - Hazard, Kentucky
Entered on June 12, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe

I KNOW that it is illogical to put children on school buses without seatbelts. I KNOW that I should not send high school seniors on trips to countries that have lower drinking ages than my own country with chaperones who look the other way.

I KNOW that I should not send children to fight my wars, and that countries should not kill each other’s children for what a few say they BELIEVE..

I KNOW that I should demand a reliable tally of my vote. I KNOW that if votes and special interest dollars are the same thing, then I must do more than just vote.

I KNOW that I should not burn our earth in the engine of my car. I KNOW that I should not allow old men to hasten the end of my children’s world in the name of God.

I KNOW that my mom quietly held her breath while her children wandered the mountains alone, so that we would grow like trees. I could not have BELIEVED, when my mother read to us from Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass”, that someday a professor would say that Appalachian folks could not learn to read like everyone else. Now I KNOW that he has said it.

I KNOW that the Appalachian mountains are crumbling under great machines and mighty blasts – I watch them come tumbling down. I KNOW that the Appalachian mountains are rushing to the sea – I watch them go. I KNOW that the caustic black water that flows in our river corrodes my bathroom fixtures prematurely..

I KNOW that I can most always tell if someone is truthful by knowing the bottom line. I KNOW that the money and the bottom line will usually be found in the same place.

I KNOW that the powerful wish me to BELIEVE that I do not KNOW what I KNOW.

I KNOW that I am strong and whole – except for a few body parts..

I BELIEVE that every time I ask God what I can do, the answer is, “You already KNOW.”

I KNOW that I do not want to do what KNOW I should do.