This I Believe

Joshua - Sherwood, Oregon
Entered on June 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Life Without Humor? No! No! No!

I believe there is always good, and bad in a person. I also believe that people need to spread humor just to help lighten the load. Without class clowns kids would go crazy! It has also been said by specialists that people who laugh a lot live longer, and also that it’s really healthy to laugh a lot.

Think of it like this: sure bad things will happen but people just have to think about the funny side to them. A really good way to do this is to make jokes about things both good and bad.

With nobody laughing kids would be walking around like zombies. Come on. Imagine walking through the streets and not hearing anyone say, “I’m just kidding.” Or “I’m just messing with you.” Not to mention no laughing!

What If you were on a date? What would you say to break the ice that wasn’t funny? Uh yeah I uh guess I had a test today. Please, that would make your date want to get up and leave. Or fall asleep in their soup. Even if you were chilling with your friends, you would just be sitting their not having much to talk about that is interesting. Think about it. No really think about, do you think you could survive with nothing funny in your life, because I know I couldn’t. If you don’t laugh you’re not going to live your life to the fullest length.