This I Believe

Nicholas - Lake Stevens, Washington
Entered on June 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose

Belief, it drives our daily lives, motivates our conversations with others, and is our lens to view the world around us through. All people have their beliefs, according to the dictates of their own conscience. The world is full of multi-faceted jewels of people who glisten differently, yet each beautifully in their own way. Some crystal clear, some cloudier and mysterious, yet all are bound together in this human family. I believe that all of our brothers and sisters have a wisdom or knowledge within them that can benefit the world, and humanity. Together we are united and do not fall. When eyes glimmer with appreciation and gratitude, when hearts speak freely amongst people, when race, and ethnicity are not fetters to our potential, this is time when we truly begin to shine. Peace is sought after so often in this world, and yet we forget at times that we need to fight for what is just and true. Lives lost, blood shed, and tears that have fell, are a great and harrowing price. May we honor the fallen by breaking down walls around us as well: give a helping hand to the down trodden, comfort the mourning and feed those who are starving, seeking nourishment both by love and contact. Let us reverence those who came before, and continually seek to let that memory live on within us. Perhaps we have an iron curtain, or Berlin wall within our families, our friends, our neighborhoods and cities. Imagine that joy that was felt when the east and west met, reuniting and restoring families, friends and hearts. If we spread joy of that magnitude we will cause it to bloom in the hearts of those around us, this I believe.