This I Believe

Fernando - Chino, California
Entered on June 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in my knowledge of learning. I believe in my cultural heritage. I believe in my religion. I also believe in my family and friends, but I mostly believe my number one person in my world is my older brother Jose. He is the one who showed me a sense of style and intelligence in all around general. He shared with me his wisdom in his past experience from girls, to school, from working at a job, and having fun with his friends. He explained it is good to look good and healthy, but it is better to be intelligent and sharper than others. My brother is the one who teaches me how to become a young man at my early stage of my life. It is important how one perceives themselves, but looks are not everything. It is who you are as a person that defines you. He shared with me how he is innocently jealous of my natural intelligence, and he tells me, I will be smarter than him when I’m his age. Friends, Family, and especially my brother have given me advice, which makes me feel lucky because my older brother did not have any type of role model. So I am lucky to have a brother like mine, because he isn’t too strict nor is he a pushover, he is fair to me and everyone else. He doesn’t pick favorites or gives extra attention to someone because he knows him/her. I believe that with my knowledge and with the knowledge and advices of my brother give’s me; I will become a better person. Until, I find the right way how to use my knowledge, and in that I will be successful in life and in all around general.