This I Believe

Alyssa - Ontario, California
Entered on June 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone is beautiful, no matter who they are or what they wear. People are always being made fun of, day in and day out, just because of what they look like. Nobody ever listens to what a person has to say if they don’t like the way they look or how they sing or what music they listen to. Each day, this saddens me. You can’t be who you want to be because everywhere you go, people are always pushing you down. Even if you have a beautiful mind with all these wonderful great ideas, no one is going to listen to you because you have glasses, frizzy hair, and you are overweight.

One of my guy friends from middle school, D. Chavez, has a very difficult life. He is super smart, hilarious, an AWESOME guitarist and wants there to be “peace and love, harmony and joy” but no one wants to listen to him. He has braces and he wears his hair long and he wears whatever feels comfortable to him. He also has a bit of ADD. No one gives him the time of day to listen to him. He wants so much to make the world a better place but each day, his self-esteem is torn down. People even criticize him and call him gay and a druggie and they talk all this mean stuff about him. He’s my best friend and I admit to being in love with him so it hurts when I hear people knock him down. He means so much to me and it hurts to hear him ridiculed.

Another guy friend of mine, J. Felix a.k.a Felix the Cat as people call him, was ridiculed so much in middle school. He was so great to talk to but people just didn’t like him. I have no idea why. They all thought he was super annoying and that all he did was bug them but he’s so awesome! He’s a great person and I just love him to death as a best friend. I wish people weren’t so heartless in life. J. rocks! He’s just like D. Chavez, super-awesome and the greatest people to ever hang out with ever! Why can’t people just accept people for who they are?

My third guy friend, A. Leon, is wonderful! Every time we hang out, I have so much fun with him. A. Leon is such a great guy, but just like D. Chavez and J. Felix, he has a lot of bad stuff that happens to him. People can’t accept people different from themselves so A. Leon has a hard time of it. Just because he’s bisexual, people just can’t accept him. Although I haven’t seen much of him since graduation from middle school, I can tell he’s having a pretty hard life. I love him so much and I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to hurt him, or any of my other friends. Why can’t the world just get along?

There are three of my best friends and the problems they face everyday, but there are so many more people out there who I wish I could tell their stories. Maybe then someone would finally learn the wonderful qualities the world possesses. I am just like my friends, too, because, for some reason, I am different than other people. That’s how I am and that’s how I always will be. Not that I consider myself special or something but I just feel like I am not like all these people who walk around with nothing better to do than laugh at other’s mistakes. No, I don’t consider myself a saint or perfect (I haven’t always been nice about how others look myself) but it just upsets me to walk around in this world and know how much is going on with nothing to do about it. I want the world to just ACCEPT people. That is just what I believe. That everyone is beautiful.