This I Believe

Judith - Cincinnati, Ohio
Entered on June 9, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe that I am just as important as a writer. I believe that I have as much right to say what I believe as a doctor, lawyer, or an Indian Chief. I believe that though I am just a peon in the scheme of things, a lowly tech support person, I have important ideas to convey to your listeners. In one simple sentence, I believe in HaShem. I believe in His presence so strongly that I don’t spend time worrying about things that others do. This is brought home to me dozens of times in my life.

Just this past weekend I was at a family event, a Bat Mitzvah (coming of age for Jewish young girls) and someone said to me they almost didn’t come because they were so afraid of flying since 9/11. They also proceeded to tell me that they didn’t believe in God. What could I say to them? I don’t spend time worrying about when I am going to die, because I have such faith and trust that when my time is up on this earth, and I am taken up to my Maker, it will be the right time.

My lovely 20-year-old daughter went to spend a year studying in Israel and I was asked time and again, wasn’t I afraid of her being there. I can honestly say that there were very few moments when I worried about her being over there. I was not afraid; I was perfectly content for her to be there because I knew HaShem was watching out for her. I was not afraid. I can go on and on with a dozen examples of this. Don’t get me wrong, I get upset, I rant and rave about things, but I don’t worry because I BELIEVE.

How can anyone, looking at a green silky leaf, seeing the seasons come and go, and the radiant smile of innocence on a young child’s face, not believe in HaShem. I honestly do not understand when someone tells me they don’t believe in HaShem. Believing in HaShem does not mean I am naive, or I think that bad things do not happen to good people, or that good things don’t happen to bad people. Believing in HaShem gives me peace of mind.