This I Believe

jennell - chino, Ca. 91710, California
Entered on June 9, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe we’re all here for a reason. Right no we’re young and we don’t know what that reason is. That’s why I believe in no regrets. We got to do everything we want to do before we regret. My biggest regret is not going to New York with my aunt and uncle. I knew I would go in December but it was barely February. I wanted to stay because it was going to be Christmas and I was going to be with my friends for this big party. I thought it would be fun over there but knowing that party would be big I wanted to stay. When December came around, my sister went to New York with aunt and uncle, I stood home at the not so big party. When my sister came back, she told me she saw the Empire State Building and other places in New York. She took a lot of pictures, and it seems like she had a lot of fun. That is one of my biggest regrets I ever made. When do you ever get a chance to go to a place on the other side of this continent? I hear older people say, I regret not doing this or not doing that. I don’t want to grow up knowing I didn’t do something I wanted to do when I was younger. Knowing know your older, you won’t be able to do those things. I always hear people say “ you never regret the chances you took, but you regret the ones you didn’t take.” Now when I see things I want to do, I just do them. Not bad things of course, but fun things. I can’t be shy to go up to the guy I like or not wear this because people might think I look weird. I just got to think,” I don’t care what people think because later I’ll regret, like always. There are so many things in the world right now just waiting for people to do. So much opportunities people can take and I’m one of them.