This I Believe

Christopher - Guilderland, New York
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Upward swing! Shift weight to left foot! Horizontal slash! As I stand alone probably looking foolish, I am happy. The wooden sword is holding it’s point away from me. I finally did it right!

I believe in using your skills and honing them. Though, my skills are rather useless in this modern world. My head is geared for philosophy, writing and sword fighting. I know I won’t have an easy life. The world has enough philosophers and far too many so-called writers! Of course, in the age of the gun, a sword is seen as outdated.

Though I seek to hone them because they make life enjoyable, I started out like most kids. In the area of philosophy I was taken to church (thanks to my aunt Betty) at a young age. I even went to a Sunday school because of a friend of mine. But, as I grew older I couldn’t feel fulfilled by the answers given to me there. So, I began searching online, reading books and talking to various religious heads to help me make sense of this world.

However, it was during a trip to my Grandmother who lived in a rural area that I found myself interested in the pagan’s love of the beauty I’d seen there. As I walked alone in the forest the sunset gave everything a romantic glow. Then, as the darkness covered everything I felt a growing sense of being part of this world. I felt connected to everything around me, to every branch, mouse, owl and everything that lived.

As I searched for what I believed I developed a love of writing. The power of words had an immense impact on me. I was born with an active imagination and absorbed everything I could. Books were a natural choice. I loved to read. And the harder the words, the harder I tried comprehend the words. I was encouraged to keep writing and continue to learn new methods on how to use the English language.

My large size and bookworm nature made me an easy target for teasing from the other kids. I learned to use a sword to defend myself and focus my feelings. I didn’t learn the sword formally. When I was younger I had an almost uncontrollable temper that would become an unstoppable rage. Honestly, it scared me. One day, after being teased by some kids I picked up a broken branch causing them to run without me losing my temper. I began practicing with branches and can now wield a steel sword pretty well. I keep honing this to protect myself and everyone I care for.

I believe that my skills are mine alone, and that I should hone them. I find enjoyment in that and am always looking on how to improve. In ancient Latin, the term for this is Eudaimonia. In my training, I am looking for how to apply my skills to this world. ‘Cause, what good are beliefs without actions behind them?