This I Believe

Frankie - Schenectady, New York
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

This I Believe Essay

This I believe, I believe that music is a form of emotional expression. Music is a way for people to express their feelings about anything.

As a younger teen I had no idea how to express my emotions, or tell people how I really felt. So I took all my anger, my rage, my love, and my lust and bottled it inside me, so no one could see. This was the only thing I knew how to do, so I kept doing it for years, but I knew eventually something needed to change, because there is only so much I can hold in before it comes out, and when it comes out it will bust out with full force. So to get rid of my anger in pain I began using drugs and alcohol to cover up my pain, but it was only temporary. I began to destroy myself, I was making bad choices in life and getting into a lot of trouble, something needed to change in my life.

About three years ago I began playing guitar, and I absolutely loved it. My guitar is a Gibson SG; it looks like a hard badass guitar, with its shiny cherry finish and the horns like it from hell. Then when you hold it, it is light, soft, and then neck is so smooth in your hand. It plays with such grace it sounds like it just came from heaven. But it was hard to learn, especially the first couple of weeks.

Playing the guitar is very addicting, and all I wanted to do was learn and play, I would play so much at first my fingers became sore; then they were torn up, and then they bled. Deep down I knew something would come from this pain, with bloodshed, would come something great. After a while I began hearing myself getting better and better, eventually I got so good I could learn almost any song. One day I came home from school pissed at the world, pissed at everything in my life. So I picked up my guitar and began to write the fastest, heaviest song I ever heard. My feelings of anger became this heavy song. After the song was done I had a feeling of accomplishment, and the anger was gone I felt so much better. I started using guitar to replace my drug use; I was making a creative choices through my music, and not destructive choices like I had with drugs.

A few months later I began seeing this girl and she was always on my mind, I couldn’t stop thinking about her day and night; I loved her. One night after going to the movies with her, I went home and I wrote the song “Feel”; it was a love song, the complete opposite of the other song.

This is when I realized that with out music I still would be bottling up all my emotions until one day I would explode. I would still be making destructive choices instead of creative choices through my music. If it wasn’t for music in my life I have no idea where I would be right now…