This I Believe

Nicholas - Chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

This I believe in is in forgiveness. In the dictionary, forgiveness is compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive. The word is just a word that expresses such feelings to the experience that I have that it can change a lot.

To heal from suffering in ones case can be done by forgiving and forgetting. In my experience forgiving is just a way to tell the person that they love them and to them find it hard to forgive. For I had experienced forgiveness for my wrong doings. When I do something wrong to my brother or did not do my chores I was scolded for it, but deep within me I knew that I was wrong and that my parents know best. Since they know best for me, I also knew that I have to apologize to find forgiveness from them. In many events in the times I have gotten in some sort of trouble there has always been a way that some how I can be forgave, to my understanding of it is not as deep it is just human nature that forgiving is essential.

I at times also see people forgave me for what people did to me. When they come and confront me, I see with my eyes that with emotion poured in them ask for forgiveness. Even though it was just a small jester it was just that was needed to cheer everyone up.

This I believe in is in forgiveness. Once in a while I am confronted to forgive or forgave and to the feeling of others it is a good feeling because knowing not to worry anymore about it and not feeling ashamed makes one better and stronger. To everyone that I know and care for I have always forgave but never forgot what took place.