This I Believe

karen - chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

I believe that people in our society should be less judgmental. In today’s world it seems like everybody bases a persons personality by his or her appearance, race, and materialistic things. Because people are so judgmental, teens how a days get really self-conscience about themselves. Not only is it not healthy… but also it’s unnecessary. Others put people down just because their clothes aren’t as up to date or because they are a different race. The whole time not even knowing the person, nor giving them a chance to have a say in anything.

One day in the summer a bunch of friends and I went to juice it up, a place to get smoothie like drinks, after basketball practice. When we arrived inside I noticed that there were a lot of teenagers in there that were around my age. Some of the friends that I was with knew who some of them were and they said hi and began talking to them. I couldn’t help but notice two of the girl’s from the other group staring constantly at my best friend Kellie and me. They would look at each other, whisper, and start giggling. It made me feel very uncomfortable and awkward. Kellie and I walked out of the building and I asked her what we should do. She answered with an “ I don’t know, I think that we should be friendly, walk back inside, say hi, and introduce ourselves”. Unhesitatingly I gave in and answered with a “fine whatever”. We walked back in to introduce ourselves to those girls, and after we shook their hands they started speed walking to the restroom laughing. I found it rude and annoying, but hey I did all I could right? Later that day Kellie and I found out from a close friend that those girls didn’t like us. After seeing us for 5 minutes they have already evaluated that they “didn’t like us”. Their reason being because we were wearing basketball uniforms and because we looked weird together being different races. Kellie and I were pretty much in shock. That’s a pretty lame excuse. Those girls didn’t like us for something as stupid as that. They didn’t even know one thing about us, and when we tried to be nice (even after them being so rude) they didn’t even give us a chance.

Kellie and I still have long talks about that day. Why would somebody be so judgmental and not like me just because I wear basketball shorts and because I have a friend of a different race. I would have thought that everybody was over that whole racism issue but I guess not. There are many forms in which people are judgmental. It’s sadly becoming a common thing now a days. Weather its because your too short or tall too skinny or fat, having a different style, being a different race blah blah blah. The only thing I don’t understand is why. We shouldn’t be self-conscience or question ourselves just because of what some people think of us. Let them be judgmental. But don’t give in. Their not making new friends and its their loss.