This I Believe

joana - chino CA, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in love.I think that everyone should be loved by someone.When my cousin came home late at nigh drunk she threw up all over her room.Me and my older sister cleaned her up and everything so her mom wouldnt find out.We had to sleep with her to make sure she would be o.k.The reason me and my older sister helped her is because we love her and we care about her.You can be loved by anyone it could be your partner, foster parent,family,step-family,grandma,grandpa,a friend and many more.You cant go on your life knowing your never loved.Without love you are nobody and doesnt have feelings.Lucky for me i have many people that love me like family,boyfriend,friends.I feel good being loved and everyone else should too.Love isnt somthing you buy its somthing you feel.Some people may not believe in it and i think thats sad.Its even more sad when people just throw the word around they dont mean it but the just want to say it .Some people tell me love sucks well it sucks for them cause the dont no how it feels.