This I Believe

Joseph - Tampa, Florida
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, parenthood

…this I believe!

The most beautiful thing a father can experience, after the birth of a child, is when that child understands the mysterious gift of a life. Knowing your child realizes that their life is something special, remarkable and unique in the world, that they are the manifestation of a fathers and a mothers pure, free, willful and unconditional love.

I believe, the most profound and beautiful of all reasons for existing is, unconditional love! I cannot imagine a world that exists without unconditional love, or that a creation by a man and a woman can exist without unconditional love. And that the ability of a being to exist without unconditional love is possible. I believe the passing of this love, so mysterious to life’s daily choices is the essence of reality, and the answer to the persistent need to comprehend the single theory of it all.

I sense that the world sees unconditional love, not as an intrinsic value in the alchemy of everyday day life, but rather the creative feelings of religious beliefs, present day social fads, and individuals perceptions of ones existance. Albeit; the most misused of the gifts espoused by unconditional love: is our own free will!

Just because each of us has been endowed with “free will” does not mean we can do and act however we want to create our own worldly morality. Throughout the course of humanity, ideals pertaining to tendencies, fads, or norms of the day, have been championed and taught, through convention by enlightened individuals to you children.

A father’s obligation to you is and always will be to propagate and teach you unconditional love. Unfortunately, this obligation has be co-opted and abdicated to popular ideals of convention – resulting in instant beauty and momentary harmony, devoid of unconditional love – leaving your fellow generation striving for self-appeasement and self-gratification in a place of unconditional tolerance without unconditional love.

Common wisdom tells us the highest principle of aspiration and judgments are given to us in education and tradition. I reject this norm: instead I believe it is the parent that has the responsibility to teach you to formulate your own opinions and conclusions. You should not pursue recognition for your own sake of personal justice, but rather you should quest for unconditional love no matter what the personal peril or cost.

I believe I have been given a life filled with special gifts, a wondrous childhood, an incredible marriage and remarkable children. My obligation is to perpetuate and nurture unconditional love unto these precious gifts. I believe unconditional love has help guide you to become the persons you are today. Both of you are unique and special children, rhythmic poems of perfect pentameter in the chaotic symphony of today’s world. It is not easy to perpetuate unconditional love, it is a choice made of free will! Choosing not to participate in social norms of the community, not in the negative sense, or one of deprivation, but rather choosing what truly matters to our family. I believe you understand unconditional love, and know to utilize your gifts of creativity and ingenuity to cultivate change for the benefit of all rather than social egotistic driving factors.

It is my belief that the teaching of unconditional love and the responsible execution of it is each person’s obligation. Teach your children well!

….this I believe!