This I Believe

Ray - Chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question

This I believe

I believe that I am in charge of how I want to live my life. No one should tell me how to live. As a child I may have felt otherwise but I now know I am in charge of how I want to live.

When I was younger I was taught to believe that God was in charge of my life. I always just accepted that I should worship Him and live how He wanted me to. I believe that as long as I am not doing immoral things I should not have to worship him. I know that it is better to solve my own problems instead of praying for them to be solved. Many things have led me to my new belief.

As I studied the bible and science my beliefs started to change. For me, there are just some things that are too hard to believe in the bible. In science discoveries are constantly being made. I also feel there are too many religions which all have different ways I should live my life. I find it much easier to just be a good person and live the way I want to.

I now try to just do things on my own schedule. As a student it is somewhat difficult to live like this. I mainly organize my free time in this manner. I believe that I can live my life anyway I want since I am in charge.