This I Believe

Karla - Chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction


I believe that the greatest gift you could ever give someone is your forgiveness.

Nobody is perfect and everyone does hurtful things, usually to the people they love, but you have no idea how much of a difference you can make in people if you give them a second chance, or a third or even a fourth. When I was twelve, my dad started drinking nonstop to the point where you could not have a conversation with him, because by the time he became sober, he would just start drinking again.

I was so full of hate towards him because of what he was doing to our family; I couldn’t even look at him. When I turned to my mother and brother, they were just as angry as I was. We never left him though, we took him to rehab, and he got better, but it took me so long to forgive him. Once I did, it was like a whole new door opened up and everything started to change for the better. My dad started his own business, it was great.

Don’t take me wrong though, it took almost three years for my dad to stop and admit that he really was an alcoholic, but even then he didn’t stop completely. It has been a long hard process but so far we’ve made it and are still going.

I’m never going to forget what my dad did, because he had been an alcoholic throughout my whole childhood. He has always regretted it, but has accepted it. My forgiving him didn’t make it right; it gave him another chance to be a real father. He is getting better, and my mom, my brother and I will always be there for him because he is my dad. If I hadn’t forgiven him we would all be miserable. This is what I believe in, that forgiveness is the best thing that you could do for other people and yourself.