This I Believe

Sadie - Chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe when someone hurts you emotionally or physically you shouldn’t do the same back to them. When you fight back (either with words or physically) you are becoming just as a bad or even worse as the person that did it to you. I think about how mean or cruel that person was and I remember hating them. If you think about it, if you retaliate you are just as bad as them and you don’t want to turn into that kind of person you hated. It’s like turning into your enemy without even knowing you are doing it.

I had friends that hurt me emotionally and made me feel left out and not an important person, they did it for absolutely no reason. At first they were really good friends that did everything together and never kept secrets about each other. All of a sudden they started leaving me out of things and keeping secrets behind my back. They saw it really hurt me, but they didn’t do anything about it. I tried to act like it didn’t bug me, but everyday I would come home feeling worthless and hoping it would change. I realized I needed something better then that and made a choice to stop waiting for them to change. Nothing changed so I left and found friends that treated me a whole lot better. I didn’t retaliate with words or physically, I just left knowing that I wasn’t stooping to their level. As long as I knew what I did at the end of the day and felt good with that decision I know I wouldn’t need happiness through any revenge but from the choice I made.

People believe once someone hurts them emotionally or physically they will feel better by revenge. Some people only have revenge to get happiness or know you retaliated so you had the last say, but later you realize you have gone to that person’s level. The very person you despised is the person you have become. This is why I believe when someone hurts you always remember, by following their actions your turning into the person you despised and in the end you haven’t stayed true to yourself. This is why people should realize at that moment it may seem like by retaliating it will let you be the stronger one, but you have so much more strength by not retaliating because you have more control over your mind and body. By having control over yourself you make your own decision and in the end you know no one can control you but yourself.