This I Believe

Ashley - chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in the essence of love; the chemistry, the romance, and the passion. Love is what everyone truly needs. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone, who can change your life and make things all the better. Love has its strange ways that can make you feel like the happiest person around, make everything seem possible to do. The passion and the moments that you get to experience with that person is what love is all about. Love can make you realize everything about and around you for the best of it.

When I saw the boy’s face that day during school I fell to pieces. The day before, I had hurt him real bad by laughing when he tried to tell me I was his everything. The misery and sadness on his face showed that he really did like me. Maybe even love me, whether I was willing to except the fact or not. It was that moment that I completely fell in love with the boy. It was then that I knew he had changed my life and turned me into a better person. He had changed me into to someone I’d never even dream of becoming. I became a carefree person with self confidence and unselfishness. It was that love that I had for him that had kept me going in times of sadness and distress. It was that horrible, sad, depressing look on his face that made me believe in the mysterious power of love.

So in that moment I decided to take a risk for once and run. I ran for the life of me to tell that boy I wanted him, needed him, and couldn’t be complete without him. And in that kiss afterwards is when I really felt what love was all about. It had taught me to believe that love; although dangerous, perilous, just too hazardous is all we need. It’s what we’re all waiting to experience. To have someone sweep you off your feet and make life like Cinderella’s. It’s all about the passion and the romance that we’re all dying to feel.

The essence of love is what everyone needs to complete life and make it a fairy tale come true. I believe in the essence of love.