This I Believe

Stacy - USA
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks

Life Changing Experience

When we are young we feel invincible, like nothing bad can every happen to us. I learned this is not the case, the hard way. A serious car accident changed how I feel about my life and how I want to live it.

There are many things I have done in my childhood that were not acceptable, nor healthy. I was five years old when my parents got divorced. I never felt like I was worthy of anything, and I lacked security. Ever since my parents’ separation, I started acting out. Drinking, smoking pot, and skipping school were some of my daily activities.

Things started to get worse when I started dating a boy who was older than me, he was eighteen and I was fifteen. His mother was an alcoholic and his dad was in prison. He had no supervision and was able to run the streets when he wanted. Throughout the relationship, my boyfriend cheated on me. I began to feel depressed, and I neglected myself. I was missing something in my life and couldn’t figure out what it was. But in November in 1996, a serious car accident provided a wake up call for me.

It was a dark snowy night; the roads were covered in snow and very slippery. My sister, a few friends, and I decided to go to the nightclub. I needed a break from my boyfriend, and my sister and I could

Tear up a dance floor. While my sister and I got ready, my mother begged us not to go. My sister just got her drivers license, and she was an inexperienced driver.

My mom had a strong intuition that it wasn’t a good idea to go. I repeatedly told my mother that we would be fine, and I would call her when we arrived to the club.

One of my friends realized he had forgotten his wallet at home. We had just put gas in the car, and we decided to run back to get the wallet. On our way to his house I began to feel uneasy, I started to question whether we should go out, or stay at home.

My sister was speeding and she had just passed the primary entrance to his subdivision. I asked my sister what she was doing, and she slammed on the breaks to turn at the second entrance. We slowly drifted to the lane of oncoming traffic, and the wheels locked up. A car started heading towards us. I was sitting in the passenger seat, and realized there was no escaping this accident. Praying loudly to god to protect us, I lifted up my legs, held up my arms, and braced for the impact.

The oncoming car swerved, but the cars connected passenger to passenger. The car spun out of control, and came to a halt two inches from a tree. My seat busted and my legs went through the dashboard, I was crushed. There was about one inch between the front of my seat and the dashboard. I was suffocating, and I needed to get out of the car. The tree that we came close to hitting was blocking my door, so I was unable to open it. In and out of consciousness, I begged onlookers to save me. No one was able to help because of the risk of paralysis. Finally, I reached for the seatbelt, unlatched it, and slid through a small crack in the door. I then went unconscious; when I woke up I was in the ambulance. I had never been so happy to see flashing lights, and loud sirens.

Because of the impact, I broke three ribs, twisted my vertebra, and had a concussion. I ditched my boyfriend and received god into my life. Now, I never take small things in life for granted. I know that each and every day is important. If I wouldn’t have gone through this experience, I would not feel as blessed as I do today.