This I Believe

Rachel - Perry, Michigan
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: prejudice

No Labels Please

My step-dad jokingly refers to me as “bimbo”. My husband calls me “the blond bomber”. Yes, hello, I am a blond woman. I cry when in close range of spiders. I almost always laugh and smile. I use the word ‘like’ in occasional sentences. You will never find me in a pair of high heels that are less than three and a half inches tall. I am constantly stereotyped as the “dumb blond”.

This I believe: No one person can ever be judged on outside appearances or quirks. No one person should ever be judged on what they look like. No one person should be judged period! To judge is to hate without knowing and that is truly sad. All that matters is what you think about you! Harsh words from silly people should never define who you really are!

I remember one instance of irritation to my spirit; I was at my eye doctors picking out frames for my new reading glasses. I wanted to find the right pair of glasses for my face, but the eye glass assistant who was helping me had another agenda. As I slide on my choice eyewear, the assistant then looked at me with deviance and a crocked smile while rudely exclaiming under her breath, “Wow! You suddenly look smart!” I was floored! I didn’t know what to say in response to her comment so I just nodded.

During the car ride home, I began to think about what was said to me. I thought, Maybe her comment was an evaluation of her opinion of me. Maybe her comment was something totally different, just a self-esteem booster. Whatever her comment meant, I was annoyed! That one, overtly rude verbal exchange stayed with me my whole day. Finally, I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and thought again about what was said while examining myself. My thoughts raced, Was it something I did that made me appear stupid? Was it just my blond hair and the heels I was wearing? Why did I suddenly look knowledgeable? Why did I care so much? Then I took a deep breath and came to a realization: WHO CARES WHAT THAT RUDE WOMAN THINKS?! I’M FINE! Who I am runs much deeper than these quirky characteristics of my personality and although I have those “blond moments” I am in no means just another blond, I am me, no label added.

I became a bigger person the day I looked at my reflection, pondering why I was so blatantly criticized. I realized, hey, I am smart even without glasses! I am carrying a 4.0 in college, I have plans and goals. Yes, I may be blond, tan, wear high heels and the word ‘like’ is located in my active vocabulary but this is not all I am. I am many things to many people but to myself I am never stupid. This is all that counts!