This I Believe

Heather - Chesaning, Michigan
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Promises aren’t made to be broken

Has anyone ever made a promise to you that they failed to keep? How did it make you feel? For most people, the word disappointment comes to mind. Promises aren’t made to be broken, but they almost always were for me growing up as a child.

When I was a child, my parents got divorced. My dad was awarded custody every other

weekend. On the weekends, I was supposed to go and see him. He would tell me we would go

some place special. Well he almost never stood up to his promises. Learning what the word

disappointment meant at such an early age was painful. I promised my son, Logan, as well as

myself, that I would never do that to him. It seemed that I followed in my mother’s footsteps.

My mother got a divorce when I was the same age as Logan was when I divorced his father.

Logan gets to see his dad on the weekends. It saddens me to say that his dad is the same

as mine. John, his dad, promises to take him places if he is good during the week. It seems that Logan is also learning how to be disappointed at an early age in his life.

When I pick him up on Sundays, I’m already prepared for what kind of disappointment

my son has endured. I always feel so bad that my three-year-old son had to encounter getting his

hopes up, then being let down.

Two weeks ago while I was picking up my son from his dads, John said, “Logan, if

you’re good for your mom, I’ll take you to the Curwood Festival.” He sounded so believable that even I was convinced. All week long Logan was very helpful; making sure his room was clean, not being sassy, and doing what he was told. He talked about going to the fair all week long. He loves riding the Ferris wheel and all of the rides that he is tall enough to ride. Then came Friday and it was time to go to his dads. He was all pumped up about going.

Not to my surprise, when I picked up my son last weekend, his dad failed to follow

through with his promise. I get so discouraged at the fact that his dad lies to him on a regular

basis. I find myself constantly making it up to him somehow. After finding out that he didn’t do

what he had promised, I ended up taking him to the movies. I know the fair isn’t same thing,

however, it did get his mind off things. I don’t exactly know what goes through his head, but I’m sure it must be devastating to him.

I believe promises aren’t made to be broken. When they are, it leads to feelings being

hurt. Who would think a parent could break the heart of such a young child, or a child of any age for that matter? Promises are sometimes like roller coasters. When promised something, the

coaster is uphill, when the promise is broken, the coaster is going downhill fast. The car on the

track itself is like the feelings that we have. They go up and they go down.