This I Believe

David - Chino, California
Entered on June 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in religion. I believe that religion can make us better. I believe in miracles. I believe that God still loves us. To me religion is fact.

One experience that I will never forget is when my father, brother and I went on a hike with a couple other scouts. We planned on hiking a mountain that takes most people 2 days to climb in 1 day. My brother and I hadn’t been hiking for a long time and we didn’t really like hiking at all. We made it to the top and literally everything went downhill from there. Luckily before we went down the mountain we called home and said we were fine, not knowing that hours later everything would turn around. To make a long story short my brother couldn’t go on and we had to wait a lot but he got better, but that’s another story. So here I am waiting for my dad, my brother and a couple other people and they’re pretty far behind. It was scary. I finally caught up with the other boys my same age and we just kept on going, still no sign of the others way back. I got scared, yet again, because I wanted to know if my dad and brother were O.K. so I said a little prayer to myself .We start going down the trial and we don’t recognize a thing so we start going back up the mountain. We see these 2 guys going up the mountain and they ask us how much farther it is to the top. We answer and there like “Dang!” After a little while we find the rest of our group and we try to find another trial. It starts getting dark and we never even anticipated the hike to last this long. With only a couple of flashlights and the temperature likely to drop during the night we were in big trouble. We decided that we all should say a prayer and right when I opened my eyes this man came walking down the trial. We asked which way down and he pointed. A couple minutes later 1 of the 2 guys comes walking down. We asked him for help and he led us down the mountain. To hike down an extremely steep, rocky mountain in the dark with only a couple of flashlights and a sip of water is amazing.

We were all grateful that night; some of us probably should have gone to a hospital after it. I knew that it was by the will of God that we made it down safely. I have a testimony that God still hears and answers our prayers and that God loves us.